There is so much Misinformation and Exaggeration

We turn religion into politics and politics into religion. 

We turn the foods we eat, should eat, shouldn’t eat into both politics and religion.

Following up on the areas of spiritual formation that includes your body, I have meant to talk about food a little.

I’ve read so many books and listened to many podcasts and I find too much religion (not in the sense of the Old Testament and pork) in the whole debates.

There was “How we get Fat” which discussed simple carbohydrates explaining how bad they are for us. He spent a paragraph on better carbohydrates. Turning the page, he based the entire premise that an anthropologist, who I guess had been there and studied them, said our distant ancestors ate meat and whatever fruits and vegetables they could pull from the ground or trees. 

I guess they lived long and healthy lives.

Yet, I wonder why humans didn’t develop civilizations, cities, long lives (at times), cultures until they learned to cultivate grain. They could now settle down. A few people could feed many. Life was better (except maybe when politics and religion got out of balance, but that’s a different topic).

I read about white sugar. I’m betting those people have never been in a sugar refinery. Their assumptions are entirely wrong.

The real problem with sugar is we eat way too much of it.

The real problem with grains in bread is that we no longer ferment bread with yeast, but give it a chemical to quick rise and bake fast.

Other grains we cook too quickly and not thoroughly.

I read about the evils of processed meats. Then they include burgers and sausage. Those are just ground meat sometimes with added spices and herbs. One problem is that they can have too much fat—another thing that is good for us, but we eat too much. Some processed meats are also injected with a variety of chemicals that are not healthy.

You can go argue any of this stuff. But 90% of the “science” I see is incomplete or even wrong.

Eat a balance of good carbs, protein, and fats. Your body needs them all. Eat real food. And not too much of it. And exercise. We discover every day even more reasons to exercise. Go for a  walk. Or even a run—at any age. After all, our ancient ancestors had to run to chase their dinners. And the whole tribe from old to young, male and female had to run along with the hunters.

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