Jesus And The Popularity Polls

They were worried that Jesus was becoming too popular among the people!

I’m reading through the middle section of John’s gospel. It struck me. I never thought of the Pharisees and priests in a popularity contest with Jesus. But there it was. “The world has gone after him.”

But in our democracies we have some of those people—and they even get elected sometimes. Those humorless, intense people who know The Truth and seek power to impose it on others. That would be the Pharisees of the time. The priests seemed to be more political. They knew they had to work with Rome in order to minimize Rome’s interference in their private Temple affairs.

I can’t think of a time when Jesus tried to elect new synagogue leaders or push out the ruling priestly class.

He poked at their foibles—a lot.

I think he was less interested in winning a popularity contest. Obviously (think back to his temptations) he was not interested in political power.

He was trying to change lives. Even the lives of the Pharisees and ruling class. And some he did.

As his disciples, we should do the same.

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