All It Takes Is A Smile

I was running along the path out at the park the other day. Three women were walking toward me. They were walking at a fast pace while talking boisterously, animated hands, loud but not obnoxious. Actually like most groups of women I see in the morning. Out with friends getting some exercise.

We greeted each other. Nothing special. I always say hi to people I meet on the trail.

They all said hi. But the one I remember (and I don’t think I know any of their names even though it’s a small town) is the one with the joyful smile. 

Isn’t it true that meeting someone who has a pleasant, genuine smile can make your day?

Maybe you are not awake yet. Or lost in thoughts and withdrawn.

Its like the times I’ve broken some of the tension in a queue at a gate when weather interferes with our convenience on a trip and you’re rescheduling. Offer the frustrated person a smile and greeting.

Maybe we can all make it one of life’s little gifts to offer a genuine smile when we greet people.

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