When You Run Out of Time

Did the clock say 3 or 5? I thought 3. Maybe it really was 3:30. But I overslept this morning for one of the very few times of my adult life. Only by 40 minutes, but it did feel good.

Maybe I woke up on time, misread the clock, and returned to sleep.

And I have no ideas. 

Usually I start the morning with many ideas. None today.

I could say a busy weekend, but not so. I painted Saturday, but I read two murder mysteries in the afternoon instead of tackling the writing on my list. 

Then I sat down Sunday morning and noticed a spot that I missed painting the trim around the patio door. Rushed home Sunday evening after a party to finish the paint job. Then we had a thunderstorm. 

So today I have a long to do list. The first of July, I had so much time. Now we’re half-way through July. Still have all that stuff to do. Oops.

Sometimes we live that way. Just drifting until we’re out of time. Where did it go?

Sometimes it is decisions. I couldn’t decide on a business trip to California. Then it got decided for me. I couldn’t decide on replies to several important emails. What to say that would get the information I needed without pushing too hard or being obnoxious?

When you live in the land of indecision, you let energy dissipate. And accomplishments decline.

But like most humans, when the deadline draws near, focus sharpens.

That is Job One for me today–focus.

One Response to “When You Run Out of Time”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    I can relate! Praying you will have focus and effectiveness today.

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