Learning By Osmosis

There is the book. It is a key text for study and reference. Let’s say that it’s the Bible.

But wait. It’s still in the box used to protect it during shipping.

Perhaps it now protects it from wearing out by over use.

You place it in proximity to your head and all that knowledge just flows through the membrane from the solution of greater concentration to the solution of lesser concentration (definition of osmosis).

I’m betting that generations of high school and college students have tried this method. Maybe you? Or me?

A book only provides value when you open it.

Just like your mind only receives knowledge when you open it.

Or your heart understanding when you open it.

[Inspired from a meeting where an important book was prominently displayed with several others on the desk–but still in its box. Then I discovered a learning tool for doctors called Osmosis. At that point, I got scared and stopped my research.]

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