Write Things Down

The palest ink is better than the best memory. — Chinese proverb

The speaker was discussing being steadfast commenting on a passage from 1 Corinthians. He said something that provoked some thoughts. I need to make a note of that, I thought.

My everpresent notebook was on the floor unde my seat. It was a effort to reach under and retrieve it. Then fish the pen from my pocket. I’ll remember it, I told myself.


By the time I remembered that I had something to remember, it was gone.

I was going to write on something related to being steadfast or holding steadfast or something like that.

Write things.

I once made all my notes electronically, except for a small Moleskin that fit in the back pocket of my jeans or slacks. Now I make all notes in a journal. Thoughts. Things to remember. Business interviews. Notes from press conferences. Notes from books and articles. Things I need to do.

When I fill a notebook, I go back through and copy unfinished business into the new notebook. I can sketch ideas graphically. I can draw mind maps. It is much freeer to write with a pen in a journal than to type into the Notes app of an iPhone.

Every few months, I’ll go back and skim through several old notebooks. It’s interesting to see my thinking from a year ago. Or things I’ve never done, yet.

Spiritual discipline? Yep. 

Personal discipline? Yes again.

Growth tool? For sure.

We joke about getting old and losing our memory. Actually, our memory is much worse at every age than we think it is. The worst evidence in a trial is eyewitness testimony.  Write it down.

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