What If There Were No Bible?

We can learn much about God and who Jesus is by reading the Bible.

But what about the Christians who live before 325? There was no Bible. Yet, the church grew rapidly.

In fact for almost 300 years, not only was there no Bible, Christians were persecuted. Not persecuted like some Americans who get upset if someone disagrees with their theology. No, persecution as in torture, prison, death. And the church grew.

The growth in the first 50 years or so came from the stories of people not about what they believed but what they saw and experienced.

These experiences were written. They became the source for teaching as the written documents circulated throughout the Mediterranean region.

Sometime we forget that Christianity is an experience-based religion. (Although the first Christians did not consider it a religion.) It wasn’t an argument based on “we read something, agree with it, you agree with us and you’ll be OK”.

It was not a complex set of arguments. A bunch of people experienced Jesus, shared their experiences–especially that he lived after being killed. Other people believed and experienced the risen Jesus.

Then they lived differently. That basic faith changed the way they lived. And others were attracted.

The question for us–is how we live different enough to attract people to Jesus?

I am thinking this while I’m in my room (early for here) in Las Vegas. Need I say more?

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