Remember Me and Do This

Remember is one of God’s favorite words. We discover it often in the Bible.

Maybe that’s because his people forgot him so often? It seems to me that the Old Testament is as much about the Jewish nation forgetting as it is about remembering.

Do you think Jesus was worried that his disciples would forget him? Ten years later, “Jesus? Oh yeah, that guy. Forgot all about him. Wasn’t he killed or something?”

He gave them just a simple act, like a memory trigger, whenever you eat bread and drink wine remember me. That would be like, what, at least one time a day? Maybe more.

It is amazing how humans have taken that simple act and run with it.

Some have a highly mystical experience officiated only by guys who have had a special blessing by their church to perform the mystical rites. [I’m not knocking it. I like “high church”.]

Some are more plain in reaction to the high pomp and circumstance.

Some say only our people can eat with us.

Some say anyone who comes in can eat with us, trusting each individual to decide for himself or herself if they are of the right heart.

Jesus, as we remember, gave the simple meal to all his friends. One who would betray him. Some who would deny ever knowing him. Some who just hid. There was no litmus test for who shared the bread and wine with him.

The thing is, we haven’t forgotten him. In the whole world, he is remembered.

But we always live on the edge of forgetting, don’t we? It’s so easy. Something comes up in life and we forget all about him. Or act as if he had never come. Denial, desertion, forgetting. They are companions waiting to take us in.

But we remember.

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