Fear Not For God Is With You

Anger leads to fear; fear leads to hate; hate leads to suffering. Yoda

Every time God appeared to someone through an angel or whatever means, what was the greeting?

It was never, “Hi, how are you doing?”

“Don’t be afraid.” or “Fear not.”

We are seeing Yoda’s warning played out in major parts of the world right now. Certainly not a majority of people. However, media coverage make certainly makes it appear that everyone is angry, fearful, full of hate. And there is much suffering in the world.

These are emotions. Negative emotions. And philosophers from ancient times have taught us about how important it is for our well being, and the well being of our society, to control our emotions.

It is similar to James talking about the tongue. How it is the small rudder that steers the giant ship.

Most of my anger is the son of insecurity. Then it is triggered. Then comes regret.

We practice mindfulness to place a barrier around the negative emotions. We step back in our minds and watch ourselves as if a drama is playing out on a screen. And we see how foolish we look to have been manipulated into a situation of losing our balance emotionally.

How foolish it is to yell at someone who is only trying to help. Or at someone who is helpless , and whom we should be reaching out to help.

Paul tells us about living in the spirit. How we set our minds on things of the spirit and find life. In other places he talks of the fruit that comes from living that life. Things like peace and joy.

We become what we focus on. Do we want to be remembered as angry, hateful people? Or remembered for our spiritual walk? It really is our choice. We can choose anger and fear; we can choose the spirit.

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