Why Do People Hold Views Contrary to Facts Or Truth?

The speaker works so hard. She uses every trick of emotional pull she’s been taught to sway the audience to believe her. She wants to get them to change in one way or another.

Sometimes the effort reaches such a fever pitch because she just doesn’t see the results in the audience she desires.

Good speakers know that it isn’t facts that will persuade an audience. It isn’t facts that will move hearers to desired action–whether it is an altar call or a service project or a vote in the election.

Have you ever wondered why people you meet hold opinions that are so contrary to fact that it is laughable? Intelligent people. People that you respect on many levels. Yet, they just can’t get past their opinions.

Fact is that our brains are wondrous creations. Brains are not as rational as we may have been led to believe. Our brains are actually quite gullible. They’ll believe anything you tell them.

Tell your brain often enough the same “lie” and it will cling to it until the end. Ask any preacher how hard it is to work up enough emotion to get people to come forward on an altar call. Let alone really change their lives.

Even engineers. We fact-based people. We’re more swayed by stories of injuries or deaths to make us look for change than when someone says there must be a bug in the program.

Jesus on the walk to Emmaus after his resurrection opened the Scriptures to the travelers and showed them why he had to be the Messiah.

Try that with an Orthodox Jew today. Won’t work. They have their interpretation.

Ever try that with a Christian. “Where did you get that,” you may ask. They say, “The Bible.” You open the Bible and show them. Did you change their mind? Nope.

Sometimes the only way to retain our sanity is to just recognize defeat and pray that someday something will open their eyes. It does happen, you know.

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