Watch Out For What Can Kill Your Soul

Fear him who can kill both (your body and your soul). — Jesus

There does not seem to be a lot of attention paid these days to a spiritual person identified as Satan or The Deceiver in the New Testament. The medieval drawings of the Devil are often stuck in our memories.

Just as we talk about God whispering to us, someone else whispers to us. “Go ahead and do that. It’ll be fun. Everyone does it.”

There is a cartoon character who lives deep in the Appalachian mountains. A “good old boy”, he fishes, plays checkers, cheats at cards, and brews illegal moonshine. Sometimes the artist would draw Snuffy Smith with a small angel hovering over one shoulder and a small devil hovering over the other. These beings would engage in a verbal tug of war to influence Snuffy’s next decision.

Do you ever feel that same tug of war played out in your mind?

Andy Stanley has advised that whenever you get a feeling of uncertainty about a decision or proposed activity, you should stop and consider. Don’t just act rashly. There is that tug of war going on within you.

I’m teaching on Romans again. While studying about it, I ran into a commentator who said that while the other Pauline letters were written to people he knew or churches he had founded, he had never been to Rome and knew only a few of the Romans there. Therefore, he concludes, he wrote a dispassionate theological treatise.

Dispassionate? Where was this guy when he read the letter?

When I read the last half of the first chapter I feel the outrage and disgust of person who simply cannot believe the open flaunting of moral standards that he witnesses in Corinth–the city where he was when he wrote Romans.

“They became futile in their thinking, and their senseless minds were darkened.” And again, “Claiming to be wise, they became fools.” He talks about giving in to their passions and their debased minds. Then he lists all the things that he sees.

The Deceiver has cost them their souls. Fear him who can kill the soul.

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