Maintaining Equinimity In The Midst Of Chaos

The guys were taking a ride on a boat crossing the lake. At least a third of the thirteen guys or so aboard were experienced boaters. They grew up on the shores of the lake spending their days from youth on the lake fishing.

Half-way across the lake, a sudden storm blew in. Nothing extraordinary. It happens. But this one must have been special. Stronger than they had experienced. Even the fishermen were frightened. All were giving up hope of making it the rest of the distance to shore. 

Well, except for one guy. He was sound asleep.

They woke him up. How can you sleep in a storm? So he looked at them calmly. Asked why they were afraid. Told the storm to be still. Probably went back to sleep.

We read this story in the accounts of Jesus’ life. 

That means we must read the story with spiritual overtones. The Bible is not a history as we know history today. Yes, there are elements of history–as in things that happened in the past–but a careful reading with eyes open tells us that every story has an element of God. We ignore that at our peril.

This is more than a cute story about Jesus’ remarkable powers. 

Storms in ancient (and even modern) literature as part of a story are about chaos. It is when the  universe is not in order. It’s out of control. It reminds us of the universe before Genesis 1:1. Formless, void, chaos.

And when we are confronted with chaos in our life or environment, where do we find stability? Who calms the storm?

It’s not a trick question. 

We can find the anchor, the foundation of stability. Jesus is there. We are living in one of those times were we feel uncertain, don’t know what the future might hold. Will we make it to shore? Yes, of course. We have help.

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