Living For God In The Midst of Diversity

I am blessed. Out of a series of seemingly unconnected events plus my life of preparation, I entered a profession combining my love of technology and my love of writing.

The industry is filled with basically good and smart people. It sort of reminds me of the sign at the boundary of a village we once lived in–Population 1000 good people and one grouch. There are almost 6,000 names in my contact data base and many people have come and gone without making it into the contact list. There can’t be more than 10, maybe only 5, who were that “one grouch.”

Here’s a photo from the technology conference I’m at this week in Austin, Texas. Dell Technologies (you know, “Hey, Dude, you got a Dell!”) annual gathering. The photo doesn’t show as much diversity as you’d normally see. We are “social influencers” and Dell marketing people.


But there are people from all over the world here. Just this week, there were conversations with people from all around Europe, India, Dubai, China, Southeast Asia, Japan, and many more.

It must be boring to live in a rural area or a city suburban enclave where everyone is just like you. There is so much to learn and experience.

And almost all have some level of hunger for a spiritual life. They may be Hindu, Muslim of one of many flavors, Christian of one of many flavors, Buddhist, pagan (yes I have avowedly pagan friends), searchers. If you talk for a while, you discover the humanness of all.

Then you stop to realize that God created each and every one of them. And God loves each one. And offers his grace to all. And you listen to people talk about people who are different from themselves at least at some superficial level like skin color or language, and you ask, “Why?”

Paul wrote to people who were living for Jesus in the midst of great diversity. He, as well as the people he wrote to, just accepted that. Especially the letters to the people in Corinth, but also to those in Ephesus, he said live for God, but deal with the others. And in so doing you will attract others to faith in Jesus.

We know that diversity in the workforce builds a stronger company. I bet that diversity in our churches would build a stronger church. Who are we turning away because they are different from us? The better path is to talk with everyone who crosses our path remembering they are also children of God.


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