To Debate or Not To Debate

“They” said the rating for the presidential candidate debate would be in the range of Super Bowl audiences.

I have the graduate studies in political science. My wife wanted to watch the debates. I said, why. We know whom we are voting for. The debate will change nothing. And then you go to bed emotionally intense. Now you don’t get a good sleep. Then the next morning you feel down.

A quick check of last night for something couldn’t get past the hype. This is “crucial”; the most important thing; and so on. This morning–not so much.

Ah, hype. So ephemeral.

I post a marketing message every morning on Facebook for a local business. That forces me to Facebook. People had been posting about who “won” the debate. Each side said “polls” said that their candidate won. Tip–don’t put faith in the polls.

It must be significant that I’m not emotionally involved “for” a candidate. Mostly I’m emotionally involved against one. I’m not going to change. As soon as I can vote absentee, I will. Then it’s over for me until election night when I will allow myself some worry.

Mostly, I’m trying not to be manipulated by the media or by a candidate. Mostly, I’m trying hard (and not all that successfully) to live a spirit-filled life concerned with the more important matters (to paraphrase my Teacher).

And take care of my health.

I’ve heard these political charges before. Kennedy was elected and the Pope didn’t rule the US (remember those days?). Johnson was elected and most of us survived. Nixon was elected and the country made it through. And so on.

Presidents can’t do anywhere close to what they promise. The American people as a whole are industrious and creative. We keep the country growing. Mostly we need politicians to protect us and support us.

And we just need to maintain perspective from the better point of view.

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