Why Do Men Still Abuse Women?

Busy Interstate Highway.

Rural area.

Truck Stop.

Do you have any idea where this is heading? Well, prostitution. The demand for prostitutes leads to trafficking in humans in order to supply the demand.

That’s happening right now just nine miles from where I sit typing this.

It’s called the oldest profession. But it’s hardly a profession like we usually picture–doctor, lawyer, engineer.

Once I had a position in an organization that had a small house in decent repair. Approached by another organization, I worked out a deal for them to use the house to offer sanctuary to women and children physically (and emotionally and spiritually) abused by a man. The house always had a population.

Domestic abuse is usually hidden. Men are seldom prosecuted for assault.

I don’t know a lot about the subject. But I read this blog post by Allison Fallon. She writes from her depths of insecurities and how she deals with them. She is an attractive, accomplished, talented woman who feels none of that. Sort of reminds me of my mom in that regard. She never felt worthy even though she also was attractive, talented, intelligent. I grew up in that environment of insecurities. I bet a lot of us deal with that.

Allison just wrote about why women stay in abusive relationships. I have no clue, of course. But she has witnessed it, and she is still puzzling it.

Service is a spiritual discipline. We strengthen ourselves through study and prayer and worship. But if we are true to our heritage as Jesus-Followers, we have to go out into the world.

I’m not sure what things I can do. But if I can help one woman escape and cope. Or prevent one more man from seeing women as object for abuse. Then maybe I help. What can you do?


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