Unleashing Energy, The Creative Leader

You’ve seen it, I hope. The type of leader who unleashes the energy of everyone around. The organization may have been lethargic. Or complacent. Or dying.

The someone new comes in. She has a vision of success. He is transparent–no hidden agendas, no spies among the employees, no sudden directives.

There is something about a feeling of trust that is darn near undefinable where people can have ideas and share them. You feel you’ll be listened to. In fact, you feel encouraged to come up with ideas.

These leaders pop up all over the place. Perhaps not enough, but they exist.

There is a leader whose blogs I read and podcasts I listen to who is such a leader. He exudes energy and positive emotions. He’s driven to provide the best solution for his customers. He’s also driven to find ways to unleash the creativity of his employees.

There exists a pure joy of learning and applying what he learns. Try an experiment. It works, great. It doesn’t, well, scrap it and try something else.

The point is for all of us, how do we achieve that as leaders?

  • Vision of what constitutes success
  • Create trust by doing what you say
  • Constantly encouraging
  • Quick feedback designed to help not tear down
  • Celebrate the little victories along with the big ones
  • Constant messaging of the vision through every means available
  • Always inviting others to go along on the journey

What could you add?

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2 Responses to “Unleashing Energy, The Creative Leader”

  1. josephruizjrJoe Says:

    Ask curious questions, similar- active listening encourage risk taking

    • Gary Mintchell Says:

      I like that. Thanks. On my business blog, I just wrote about the retirement of a company founder/CEO. His most visible quality was curiosity. Plus the ability of passing it on.

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