Power To Decide What You Say

Garbage In, Garbage Out. — Ancient Computer Science Wisdom

God In, God Out. — Eileen Hix, pastor

What food do we feed our bodies?

Does this reflect in how we look and how much energy we have?

With what do we fill our minds and our attention?

Does this reflect in our attitudes?

Are we perpetually angry or bitter or envious or sarcastic or negative or hateful?

Or, are we perpetually helpful, gentle, kind, gracious, filled with joy, peaceful?

What we fill our minds and attention with will relate directly to our outlook on life.

But our outlook on life determines what kind of person we are. And that determines what fruits come out of our lives. And often to what we say to others.

I think all of us have experienced those two lines of computer code (since we began with that topic):

100 Open Mouth

200 Insert Foot

I’ve seen people commenting in places like Facebook or Instagram about how they should be able to have the freedom to say anything they please. This “political correctness” where they can’t speak derogatorily about groups of people “cramps their style.”

Then I think (like I think about ALL the freedoms of the US Bill of Rights), with a freedom or right comes a responsibility. If you have a freedom to speak, you have a responsibility to do so properly.

Paul is all the time describing what a person should be. In Ephesians 4 he says, “living a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love.”

Between the thought and the voice (or fingers on a keyboard) is an instant. In that moment of time we determine what we are going to present to the world as our being. The type of person we are. In that moment, we have power. The power to choose what we say.

This will reflect what we’ve been feeding our awareness. Will we spit out garbage? Or speak in a way to help and uplift people? We have that power.

Or maybe we need another line of computer code:

300 Beg Forgiveness

We need a lot of that!


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