Remembering Our US Heritage

This is The National holiday in the US. It is in commemoration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was a document that had no legal standing, didn’t form a new government, didn’t lay out a plan for anything. But it did give voice to a movement with a vision.

In this era, not uncommon in our national history, of people manipulating the words of this document and the US Constitution (that’s OK, you don’t know who you are), it is always good every year to go back and read all the founding documents–The Declaration, The Constitution, The Federalist Papers–with new eyes.

It’s just like going back often to read the Bible with new eyes. You always learn something.

I’m thinking that as the people of the society, we all need to learn more about what they really said rather than these little quips that substitute for learning and wisdom I see on Facebook and other media.

So, once again, I suggest pulling out that old document that still lives and reading it.

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