Are You Smarter Than Average?

OK, let’s have some fun this morning. At 5:30 am, I’m sitting in the United Club at the Orlando airport. My carefully plotted business trip hit a snag. Meeting in Chicago cancelled. Rearrange flights. I get home a day early, but I get to take an early flight.

There was an article at Big Think that picked up on a variety of studies of indicators of higher intelligence. I probably hit 10 of the 16. Those of you who know me personally can probably figure out most of the 10. And definitely some that I’m not (atheist, for example; and I don’t own a cat although I have a couple of times).

First list, eight signs you’re smarter than average:

  • You’re the oldest child
  • You took music lessons
  • You’re thin
  • You’ve used recreational drugs
  • You have a cat
  • You don’t smoke
  • You’re left handed
  • You’re tall

Second list:

  • Night Owl
  • Introvert
  • Was breastfed
  • Liberal politically
  • Reading early
  • Being funny (and sexy)
  • Atheist
  • [teenagers with higher IQs tended to be virgins in high school]

Have fun with it. Use it at the next party. I won’t even ask if you put any stock in these lists. 😉

And sitting in an airport at 5:30 am is probably never going to make that list!

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