How Long Does It Take To Sin

It’s only 20 minutes of his life. It shouldn’t take away from 20 years. (Sports Dad)

There are no moral giants in the story. Must be a story about real life. Privileged athlete takes advantage of girl. Has sex. Walks away.

His point of view–so what? It’s just sex.

Her point of view–I’ve been physically and emotionally violated.

The philosopher Ken Wilber once wrote, “Civilization is a race to overcome testosterone.” There is much to think about there.

Look at King David. A warrior-king. Doesn’t get any more “manly” than that. He saw a woman. An attractive woman. The hormones spoke, David listened. How long did it take out of his life to commit a sin that kept on giving? 20 minutes?

20 minutes with a woman led to murder of her husband and many of his own soldiers.

Some people have somehow gotten the idea that women are objects and think it is Biblical. Don’t know how they got that. The Old Testament records a time of warriors. The stories prize strong men who could fight against enemies. Yet, look at the stories of strong women, full of faith, who also led.

Paul, whom many cite as the philosopher of subjugating women, is often misread. As Andy Stanley put it in the recorded Your Move talk from last weekend said, “They didn’t read the verse before it” regarding the verse about wives being submissive to their husbands.

Quick test–who knows the verse before?

This is a story about men who think that women are only objects, not real people. Who think they only exist for their pleasure. It’s a story fed by pictures, TV, movies.

That’s not the story of people living under grace. Who value every human being as a person God created and loves. Every woman who is someone’s daughter.

That’s not 20 minutes of “slipping up” that would have been ignored if not brought to light. It’s 20 minutes that proves character.

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One Response to “How Long Does It Take To Sin”

  1. Gary Frazier Says:

    You’re so right, Gary. And, as Peter said in his first letter (1 Peter 3:7), we are to treat our wives with consideration and respect as co-heirs in Christ, so nothing will hinder our prayers.

    And, as Paul said in his letter to the Ephesians (Ephesians 5:21-33), we are to submit to one another. He goes on to say that husbands should love their wives as Christ loves the church — to love them as we love our own bodies, since we are all part of the same body, Christ’s body (the Church).

    In doing so, how could we ever mistreat our wives? Rather, would we not build them up and do everything in our power to make them feel secure and at peace, as Christ does for us?

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