The Value In Quitting

I have quit one of my church jobs. I just looked at the results over the past two years versus the amount of work I’ve put in and the result was easy. Time to close one door and open another.

I took the job two years ago partly because I had quit another position where I was rapidly loosing my health. Looking back, it was a good move. The changes they wanted me to make and that I resisted have happened now. And the company is no longer a thought leader. Still makes money, but to me that’s not the entire value proposition.

Many people have told me that churches in general seem to be drawing their attention inward. Giving to mission support by the church is dwindling. Some I know are still supporting global missions. But most are not.

Every time a door closes,  at least one other one opens. We’ll see what happens. Perhaps someone needs a good teaching pastor.

What is your experience in quitting?

I hate to do it. It’s like giving up. Saying I’m a failure. Leaving someone behind.

But I take heart in Henry Cloud (Necessary Endings). Sometimes it’s the best alternative.

Maybe like Jesus telling his disciples when he sent them out by twos. If they don’t hear your message, then leave the town and shake the dust off you cloak and sandals.

Shake, shake, shake.

I’m off to the next village. We’ll see what doors open.

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