Just Showing Up

I’ve heard it said that half the battle is just showing up.

Well, I’ve showed up today. There’s a lot on my mind, and yet not much.

We are taught about Sabbath. Taking a rest. That may not show up in the list of disciplines. But it probably is. After three weeks full of energy and commitment, I took two days with just a minimum of work and a lot of rest. It’s a good thing. You come out on the other end refilled with energy.

Rest is an essential component of refueling energy.

Another is proper eating. When I eat too heavy a meal whether for lunch or dinner, I can feel it dragging me down. I know better, but it just sounds so good at the time.

Appropriate exercise is another. An hour of Yoga refreshes the body and soul. As you stretch and work, energy is released. As the mind focuses on the body, day-to-day stuff is forgotten. You spend the hour residing in just the moment.

Relationships can be energizing. Just stay away from those people who suck energy out of you like a giant vacuum cleaner. A good conversation refocuses you.

Time alone. Just you and a cup of coffee or tea. Intentionally relax and listen for God’s whisper.

Vacations, paradoxically, may not be that refreshment if you stress over where to go, trying to see one more sight, organizing all the people around you, worried about money. If you are planning a vacation, make it a vacation. Intentionally allow spaces for relaxing, talking, reading. Leave the go-go world behind.

What gives you energy? Cultivate it.

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