Lift Hands In Prayer Without Anger or Argument

Do you ever get tired of scanning your Facebook “news” feed? I do.

Sitting here studying in Paul’s first letter to Timothy, “I desire, then, that in every place the men should pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or argument.”

We can’t even go to a church full of people who call themselves disciples of Jesus and pray without argument. Either we argue amongst ourselves or we argue about everyone outside the walls who doesn’t agree with everything we hold as opinion.

I just wish I could scan through my Facebook “news” feed and see more of that and no anger, hate, cynicism, misinformation bordering on lies. How about we stop trying to tear everyone down and start working for the improvement of our society, community, nation, world? That is my fervent desire.

Instead of complaining and whining about people from other ethnic origins and countries, what can we do to help people in Jordan and Iraq deal with the refugee problem there? Instead of disdain toward those in need in our community, how about we serve them?

Find someone who needs help and focus on that instead of yourself and your problems. That is what my master taught. It’s hard to follow, but it’s my job.

It’s even into sports. The Bengals/Steelers NFL game Sunday was packed with drama–not so much about the outcome of the game which was wild–but about how much illegal violence and bad sportsmanship would be exhibited.

The Steelers’ quarterback was injured and taken to the dressing room in a cart. Bengals fans cheered his injury and threw objects at him on the journey.

Days after the game, players and fans were still whining, pointing fingers, denying the obvious.

That’s just sports. Try politics. In America it sometimes appears that no one is interested in working toward the common good. It’s all about scoring points against the opponent. Attributing every evil known to man as a characteristic to the other party.

And most of these people, if you asked them, would claim Christianity.

Fortunately this is mostly just the outspoken people. But too many of those are politicians. Most of the country, indeed, most of the people in the world, just want to live in peace, help their neighbors and those in need, worship God. But we don’t hear from them.

Let us all try to pray diligently with our hands raised to God not in anger and argument.

One Response to “Lift Hands In Prayer Without Anger or Argument”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    Amen, we must BE the change!

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