We Know The Ending

We live in times of chaos. A shooting incident happens. Real-time TV and newspaper hypes it. Political/opinion lines are drawn. People feel fear–thanks to the hype. Net result=more sales for firearms manufacturers.

A friend introduced me to John Fischer (Christian song writer/author) whom she says is a friend. He is smart…and wise.

He wrote last Friday:

The greatest weapon of the enemy is fear, and to whatever degree we let fear into our hearts is the degree to which we have lost ground. That’s why people taking to the streets in Paris and San Bernardino is a show of solidarity to say one thing, “We are not afraid.”

We need to take this to heart in our own lives. Fear is a powerful force. It can conquer without firing a shot. It can creep across continents and sail over oceans. It can travel on a sound wave or flash across the globe in a tweet. It can cross barriers and walls and pierce the heart of the most courageous. Fear is a powerful weapon.

But so is love. In fact, love is greater.

I read the end of the story. We win. Love conquers. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be tough times. Read the book of Acts. The church grew despite setbacks and persecution.

Then read the Gospels and the Revelation of John. In the end, we win.

Let’s go forward in the confidence of faith. Grace is stronger than evil. Love conquers all.

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