Arrogance Is Unbecoming On You

The Greeks had a word for when a person began to think too highly of himself–hubris.

Mom had a phrase, “You’re too big for your britches.”  (That would be pants for you younger people.)

The writer of Proverbs talked of wise leaders seeking good counselors. The writer, Solomon, should have taught his son better. The ruler of Israel following him rejected wise counsel, listened to foolish ones, and destroyed the kingdom single-handedly.

It grieves me greatly that so many examples of dysfunctional leadership are found in schools and churches.

The local school board containing a couple of new members asked questions of the superintendent regarding a rather suspicious proposal. The superintendent replied (as quoted in the local newspaper), “I’ve been at this 25 years and know what I’m doing.”

I have a message having “been there and done that and got the T-shirt”, arrogance does not become you.

Some friends are avowedly pagan. Yep, you read it right. You might even need to look up the word. It’s a nature religion.

Why? Pathetic leaders in their churches when they were younger. Sometimes I wonder if church leaders have driven more people out of the church than any other reason. (Maybe a research topic for a prospective DMIN candidate?)

I have witnessed examples of poor execution of servant leadership. That does not deny the importance of pursuing that type of leadership. A humble leader puts others first. He seeks wise counsel. She remembers her priorities. Humbleness works. Arrogance leads to a fall.

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