Gentleness Becomes You

Blessed are the gentle. We mostly know the verse with an older English word–meek. Today’s usage renders meek as perhaps not the optimum translation.

One must be strong to be gentle. One is passive to be meek–at least the way we understand that word today.

The super-aggressive person drives people away. Few, if any, other people wish to be around such a person. They may get their way for a while, but often the end comes early.

The passive, er meek, person leaves people cold. Being with them seems as if there is no “there” there. They have little to contribute.

How often have we wished the we could take some of the aggressiveness from one to bring them down a little while giving it to the other so that they would gain some confidence and speak up and assert themselves a little.

Let’s look at gentle.

A gentle person is confident in their identity. They are comfortable in who they are. Not seeking limelight, they work often behind the scenes for the benefit of others.

A gentle person treats others respectfully. Not shouting or deceitful. Not seeking vengence nor trying to bring them down.

A gentle person also treats themselves gently. Comfortable in who they are and confident in their place, they avoid negative self-talk. They take care of themselves–health, intellect, spirit, relationships.

A gentle person treats nature well. Not defacing or destroying.

I’m glad that the word “gentle” came into my consciousness last week. It reminded me of qualities for which I strive. Paul often lists this characteristic in his summary of gifts of the spirit. 

Yes, blessed are the gentle. Make a friend of a gentle person and try to emulate. A good goal for the week.

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