Unburdened Meetings–Friday Leadership Tips

I hate meetings.

OK, sometimes you just have to have them. At least, that is what “they” say.

There are those regular meetings that you have because it’s Tuesday morning or Thursday evening.

Those are often the worst. You meet at the regular time–except for George and Linda who are always late. The agenda is the same. Someone talks. Others surreptitiously check email. Or Facebook. (In the old days, we daydreamed or passed notes.)

It doesn’t matter if you are at a church, a non-governmental organization, or a business. You’ve suffered through them.

Yet, there are times when a meeting is necessary.

Looking into the book of Acts, we see where Paul needed a meeting of the church leaders. He needed a decision. He also needed a blessing. The best way to achieve the goal was to gather all the players at one place at one time. Lay out the proposal and make the  argument. Listen to the discussion. Make a few changes. Then go and do.

So, that famous meeting was good. Decisions were made, and Paul was empowered to go out to the world beyond Judea to spread the gospel. The world was changed.

  1. When you need to bring a number of people together because a decision must be made where they are affected and you need buy in, then call a meeting.
  2. When you need to build community among people who seldom see each other during their work days (maybe you have remote workers), then have an occasional meeting where you can share what you are working on and allow time outside the official meeting for conversation.
  3. When it’s Tuesday and you’re supposed to have a meeting but there is nothing going on, then don’t call the meeting. Let everyone go to work.
  4. When it’s Tuesday and you’re the leader and you have to hold that regular staff meeting, then craft an agenda that focuses on a topic that is important for moving the organization forward. Focus on the agenda, expect participation, end with summary of decisions and actions. End promptly.

I don’t always hold meetings, but when I do, I demand focus.

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2 Responses to “Unburdened Meetings–Friday Leadership Tips”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    Great advice reminds me of Patrick Lencioni’s book Death by Meetings 😀

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