And Immediately He Went

The gospel of Mark contains few extra words. Its compact style with well chosen words moves the reader along with the story.

I’m always struck by the phrase, and immediately he went. 

It seems that Jesus went from place to place quickly. 

Yet, he seemed to have exquisite focus on whatever task lay before him. Heal. Teach. Move. Pray. Heal.

Does that sound like our lives? Do we try “multi-tasking” only to get lost in missing details and focus. Do we try concentrating on two or three things at a time?

I’m trying to keep two blogs current with almost daily thoughts and news. I’ve invested in a coffee cafe and am doing some marketing for it. (Need to get a return on my investment.) After a request from a pastor, I took on a staff role leading missions for my church. August and September are extremely busy months for assigning referees to soccer matches.

On top of it all, I pay my bills by doing research and analysis within the manufacturing technology market along with management and marketing consulting. A big job came my way. Its start was delayed. Its end date wasn’t. It needed to be done in August and September.

I’m betting your lives could have similar scripts. Family. Church. Volunteer. Job. Housework. Yardwork.

The key to survival lies in the ability to focus on one thing at a time. I write everything down I need to do. I’ve mentioned before I use an app called Nozbe (affiliate account, by the way). That way I don’t worry about forgetting something. But looking at the entire list is overwhelming.

Then I remember that old joke–how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

I just tackle one thing. Concentrate on only that. Usually 25 minutes then take a short break. That’s called the Pomodoro technique. Sometimes, like this analysis project, I dive into research so deeply that an hour or two pass without my even noticing the passage of time.

Then it’s time for a break. Then focus on the next task.

I think I’m in good company. Many famous and successful people work that way. Thinking about the gospel of Mark–I think Jesus worked that way, too. Focus, work, break (refreshment/prayer). Focus, work, break. 

There is a refreshing rhythm to that pace. Sometimes the break can be 5 minutes of the Pomodoro technique. Sometimes maybe for a day or two.

Find your rhythm. Read. Pray. Meditate. Work. Play. Rest.

Accomplish more. Stress less. Focus on the important things.

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One Response to “And Immediately He Went”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    very relevant reminder and some helpful tips. Thanks.

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