Victim Attitude Is Unbecoming Of A Disciple

Donald Miller wrote some good novels before he turned into a marketing guru. Blue Like Jazz, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years,  Searching For God Knows What, Through Painted Deserts are all worth a read.

He just posted an article on his blog talking about how some Christians like to play the victim card.

I have thought often about people I know (quite a few) who identify themselves as Christian, but they always are looking through a lens of being underdogs, underappreciated, misunderstood, persecuted, or something. And this is all in the USA!

Miller used the word victim to identify this syndrome. 

He starts looking into people who like to be a victim as an outlook on life. He may stretch it by saying it gives them power, but in a way it does give them some leverage over some people.

Read his post. Think about it. I just spent quite a bit of time today contemplating his thoughts.

I relate to when I was a little kid at the height of the Cold War. All I heard from the old farmers around town was how the Soviets were going to overrun the country (so they all had their .22 rifles and 12 ga shotguns and were going to stand up to the Russian tanks that were coming). 

Even at 7 or 8 years old, I thought that was a ridiculous picture. For two reasons. First even as a youngster, I seemed to realize about firepower. But secondly, I kept wondering why these upstanding patriots had so little confidence in our armed forces that it was a sure bet that we’d be overrun.

And the same thing with Christians. (100% of the people I grew up with identified as Christian.) They always talked about how Communist Atheists would put an end to Chrisianity. 

I guess it was just pure naiveté of someone not yet 10 who thought that if God is so powerful, why should we think that some group would put him out of business.

Even so today. I have confidence in God. I also know (learning from the New Testament) that society at large is composed of many different types of people. It is foolish to think that everyone around us in society is exactly like us. 

What we learn from Revalation aside from all the over-thinkers looking for all manner of fortune telling, is that the game is over. God wins. Jesus leads the world to God.

So, why do we (some of us) go around acting like victims. In America, we don’t have a clue. Why not try living with our brothers and sisters in Iran, Iraq and many other places. They are fighting for their very lives even as I write this. But here? We have money. We have comfortable lives. No one shoots at us as we go to church. No one arrests us simply for our faith in God.

We just need to help those who are. It is not becoming to act like a victim. It is becoming to be strong in our faith.

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