Fear Keeps Us From Ourselves

The story of David and Goliath. We know it. Thanks to Malcolm Gladwell’s interesting but somewhat inaccurate book, many more know it.

Little boy (probably not that little) kills giant warrior while the entire army of Israel cowers in fear.

Out alone watching the family flock of sheep, David learned to deal with his fear while protecting the flock from wild animals.

Is fear holding you back?

Sometimes we are not as successful at what we wish to do as we could be due to an underlying sense of fear that prevents us from going all out for achievement.

I was that way. There were people who encouraged me. They actually thought I was intelligent and could do the work. But I held back–for years. Insecurity, fear. Then one day it was gone.

There is someone now in my life who has all the trappings of success–spiritual background, faith, degrees (plural), position. Yet, something holds this person back from being everything God has laid out in the path of life.

Self-help gurus latched on to a little psychology research and preached this message since the beginning of self-help guru movements. Even so, it’s true.

How did David overcome the fear? Every day making the little acts that added up to larger acts that led to killing the mighty warrior of his enemy.

It’s not that he didn’t know fear. Read the rest of his story. But he could overcome his fears and become a great leader.

Is fear holding you back?

Take those little steps in faith to live out your spiritual gifts. Start today. Do one thing that moves you forward. One practice. One conversation. One gift given.

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