Respect For People Key To Leadership

There was a person in a leadership role, but he failed to exhibit the least bit of leadership. Isn’t it amazing, yet sad, how often that sort of person exists?

People were like objects to him. Just names on a spreadsheet. Employees who were always trying to beat the system. They were always trying to get out of doing work.

He would even terminate people via email and then publicly humiliate them.

Ideas? He had all the ideas. Initiative? If you stuck your neck out trying to accomplish something in his organization, that just made it vulnerable for his next tirade.

He seemed to care about people at times. In the end, he really didn’t.

Sometimes he would have a flash of insight into himself and the organization and wonder why things were not going well. Why was the organization not growing and thriving? Why did people not seem to be happy at work?

But the feeling would quickly leave. It is hard work to truly lead.

The leader who truly leads the group (company, organization, department, committee) understands the value of people. She respects others and treats them as functioning human beings full of ideas and hopes and wanting to contribute and find meaning in the mission of the group.

Fortunately, these leaders exist. They trust their team members to do their jobs with appropriate follow up. They expect ideas and initiative and reward publicly those who try and communicate privately with those who need help or who fall short. “How can I help?” is the mantra of a leader.

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