Why Are There So Many Different Christians

I have a friend who was born overseas and was raised as, and still is, a Sikh. I will not try in a couple of hundred words to describe what a Sikh believes, but in crude shorthand, it teaches a certain tolerance of all religions.

My point is not to critique the faith or the people within that faith. My point is a question he asked me once. This was at another of those times of bickering amongst the various Christian denominations.

“Gary, can you explain why there are so many kinds of Christians?” he asked. “And why are they so different and dislike each other so much?”

I took a few minutes to describe 2,000 years of religious revelation, geo-political differences, politics within the religions, and personalities.

He replied, “Didn’t Jesus say that you’d know his followers by their love for one another?”


The denomination I attend presently is always on the brink of disintegration over the status of homosexuals. The problem with the status of women was finally settled by acknowledging women as people (duh!).

We could look at the world and point fingers. There are many varieties of Judaism. Not to mention the huge differences within Islam (reminder, not all Muslims are terrorists, just as not all Christians are terrorists–and we’ve had a few).

Many differences are simply either cultural or personality. Some are charismatic; some meditative. Some like pipe organs; some like rock ‘n’ roll.

But the Acts 2 churches attracted people by how they lived. There was something different about those people, and other people wanted some of that.

Today? How are we known? Let’s find a little of that love.

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2 Responses to “Why Are There So Many Different Christians”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    Amen! And it needs to start with me! 😉 Thanks for the reminder and the point. Well said and illustrated.

  2. Healing Divisions in the Church | Faith Venture Says:

    […] I wrote on this topic a few days ago. Obviously dear to my heart right now is the achievement of unity through […]

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