Are You Unprepared

I can still remember walking up the steps to the entrance of the high school. Every morning there were the same deep misgivings in my gut. Once again I had studied many things the previous evenings. But, once again, I had not completed (or even started on) my assigned homework.

I know the sick feeling of unprepared.

Sometimes we are unprepared because we didn’t do the work. We didn’t study. Write the report. Make the call.

On the other hand, sometimes we are not prepared because we have never faced that situation before. We have never created that work before. We have never worked with this particular group of people. Seth Godin, a respected marketing guru who also now writes about life skills as much as about marketing, addressed this type of unpreparedness.

Then, I though of Jesus disciples. When he called them, they were totally unprepared for the experience. They were unprepared first, then they followed and learned, but then when they were on their own, they wished at first that Jesus had prepared them a little more.

They were visited and then filled by the holy spirit. Then they were prepared.

I’ve heard Bill Hybels talk about taking the first step in faith. He called it “help along the way.” First you take a step in faith, and then the spirit will help you.

As you ponder your “great work” this year, don’t stop because you don’t feel prepared. Take the first step in faith. Of course you are unprepared. But help will come as you move out.

Oh, I graduated from high school. And the university. And I learned to prepare when you need to. It was a lesson that if visiting me sooner would have saved me much emotional turmoil.

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