It Is More Than Knowledge

James tells us, “But be doers of the word, not merely hearers who deceive themselves.”

Bible study is one of the basic Spiritual Disciplines. I certainly practice that daily. I know tons of people who know more than I.

Yet, I was struck with a convicting thought this morning. Why is it we can know so much, yet we have so much trouble putting our knowledge into action?

How often do we leave an interaction with someone and the thought hits us that we know better than how we acted–or failed to act???

I guess the first thing we need is awareness. It has always been my problem that I’m lost in thought and fail to really notice other people. It has taken me years to become more aware of people around me. Help them with a door, or dropped object, or anonymously pick up a check at a restaurant.

Or, when a woman brought a bouquet of flowers to a friend from Mexico at the dinner Friday evening, I said, “Boy I wish I were thoughtful like that.” Oops. My wife heard that remark. She said, “Me, too.” 😉

After awareness comes intention to help. It is a way of thinking and being. It becomes instinctive. You just help others. Eventually it is part of your personality. When people think of you, they think, “What a kind and helpful person.”

That becomes the goal. Knowledge helps bring us closer to God. Doing shows us as Disciples of Jesus.

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