Listen to Wisdom

32 For waywardness kills the simple,
and the complacency of fools destroys them;
33 but those who listen to me will be secure
and will live at ease, without dread of disaster.

–from Proverbs 1.

Wisdom embodied as a person is talking to us. She pulls no punches. She calls out the fools and the simple–and the wise.

Those who go their own way, who live only for themselves and their pleasure, who know no rules, those are killed. Killed in the soul. Probably killed prematurely in the body.

But the complacent are destroyed. Those who have settled into a life that is “all about me.” The Baby Boomer generation were characterized that way by the early 1970s. Studies have been done and books written about the narcissism of the generation today.

I see it in society, politics and the church. Maybe I’ll give a little money to assuage my guilty conscience. Or maybe I don’t even have that little voice nagging in me anymore and I may donate a little out of habit. And I just live a life of comfort. Seeking nothing. It’s all around us.

The way of Wisdom

Those who follow the ways of Wisdom, those who are wise, are promised security. The ability to live at ease–without a nagging voice within us whispering we’re on the wrong path.

The wise are diligent, hard working, living in the Spirit of God, generous.

The fool mocks that life. In a sense, I did intellectually in my youth. But we learn the truth of Wisdom.

If you are lost in the travel of your life. Can’t find a path. Thinking that somewhere there is more than just living for yourself. Then find and practice the path of Wisdom. Find the joy of living for other people. Find the peace and joy of living the with-God life.

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