Theoretical Christians Not Wanted

It was a wide-ranging conversation with a friend over a plain doughnut and tea at Tim Horton’s. We covered an upcoming men’s conference we’re working on, leadership in the church, Acts 2 churches.

We talked about Christ-followers actually doing something with their faith. “Jesus doesn’t want people for whom this is all theoretical,” he said.

Yes, it’s not theory. It’s doing. There’s a song I learned in the early 70s, “Love Is Something You Do.” Not always something that you feel, but it’s real.

Sitting around and arguing about whether you believe this idea or that idea and opining that anyone who “believes” the other thing is an idiot–those people are not found in the New Testament as people we should associate with.

Acts 2 churches were about teaching, worshiping–and living a life so attractive that others said (like in the movie), “I’ll have what she’s having.” It was how they lived more than what they said. I just had a great conversation with a woman who is 92. She asked how she could get involved in some of my ministries. Faith isn’t theory for her. It’s acting on her faith. Wow, if only others were like her!

As much as I love philosophy and theology, if it doesn’t help me grow and become a better teacher, then it is wasted. But if it provides that solid foundation for teaching and witnessing, then I’ll pursue it.

Anyone want to go on an international mission trip with me? 😉

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