Love Discipline Love Knowledge

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge
But whoever hates to be rebuked is stupid.

Psalms 12

The story I received as a young person was that the Methodist Movement was so named by the habits of the founders. It seems that while at the University, John Wesley and his brother Charles and a small group of friends arose early every morning to study and pray. They were “methodical” in their approach–hence, methodists.

Story after story can be found of people who became dissatisfied with the direction of their lives (rebuked comes to mind) and decided to change. They began getting up earlier in the morning so that they could study and pray.

“Fifteen minutes in the chair” is a phrase famous among Willow Creekers. It comes by way of one such man who was convicted of the way his life was going. He began getting up early, sat in his favorite chair, read from the Bible, and prayed. He grew in knowledge and wisdom. The change was noticeable.

I’ve heard of men whose careers were going nowhere. They were frustrated. Disillusioned. Then they got up 15 minutes earlier than normal to read. Then the 15 became 30. Then an hour. And the discipline changed their lives and their success.

It is perhaps time to pause and reflect. When is the last time we felt rebuked by God for a pattern of life that is leading nowhere? When is the last time that we changed what we were doing or what we were thinking because of a rebuke from God (or from someone speaking for God at that time)?

Forget the early bird versus night owl stuff. It’s all a pattern of life. The real pattern is to practice discipline and gain knowledge. And with knowledge, wisdom.

Where is your chair?

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