When you read this, I will be in the air on my way with a group of 11 to work at the Tijuana Christian Mission for a week. Last weekend, I had an opportunity to speak to the church about why go on missions. I had three points.


  • Jesus called us to follow him
  • Once we are his followers, then he told us to Go (into all the world making disciples)
  • We can go “Here, There, Everywhere”, that is local, regional and international visits

Individual Spiritual Formation

  • We have to study to be prepared to share
  • We have to learn new people, new cultures, new experiences
  • We return changed

Congregation Spiritual Renewal

  • The renewed spirit of the missionaries helps renew the spirit of the members
  • Members can participate through financial and prayer support, becoming a partner in mission

Your prayers for the success and safety of our group as we work with orphans is appreciated.

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