Prayer as an Action Verb

Prayer rightly understood and practiced is the most potent instrument of action. Gandhi.

Did you ever think of prayer as an instrument of action? Prayer seems so passive. You sit or you kneel and talk to God.

Maybe you’ve heard of the early Chrisitan mystics who also prayed while walking or preparing dinner. But that still seems passive.

Think about Gandhi. He led a revolution that freed a huge nation from the imperialism of another country. He did it without forming a guerilla army in the mountains and fighting a prolonged and bloody war. Essentially he did it through prayer.

Jesus said that prayer could move mountains. Is your prayer so feeble that you ask for something and then say, “If it be your will”? Jesus taught us to pray boldly.

Jesus prayed for his followers. They started a revolution that captured an empire. Without starting a war. I would say without bloodshed, except the blood of the followers was often shed.

Prayer toppled a godless Roman nation converting it to an officially Christian one.

What are you praying for? Make it a bold one! Change the world.

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