The Sound of the Master’s Voice

The logo of a pioneering company in recorded music showed a dog listening at the end of the “horn” speakers attached to a record player. “The sound of the master’s voice.” RCA Victor made this logo ubiquitous for many years in the music business.

The point was that the fidelity of the recorded voice was as good as the real voice.

The leader of the lesson in one of my small groups asked, “What is the language of God? How does he speak?”

The group of 14 probably had 16 answers. One of the guys mentioned watching broods of wild turkeys by his house. The hen would talk to her chicks in a soft voice. But just let a threatening object come between her and the chicks, then the whole manner changed.

John tells about Jesus saying that the sheep know the voice of their shepherd and will follow that voice anywhere.

There are many people today who believe that there is no such thing as God talking to people. Some say there is no God–it’s all in your head. Others say that “revelation” from God mysteriously ended 2,000 years ago and that we only hear from God through reading the Bible.

They think the only people who hear God’s voice are the insane who just shot up a building or family or something.

I’ve heard. I bet you have, too. You have to be listening, though. If you listen, you will hear. And you’ll recognize the voice. And it will guide you.

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