Is Fear Ruling Your Life?

I’m on a business trip to Austin, Texas. When I checked in, the agent said that there were two rooms open. A king bed on the first floor or doubles on the second.

I said, “I don’t care. Let’s check with my friend and see what he prefers.” He said that he preferred the higher floor. So, I took the first floor. The agent said that few people want the ground floor and that almost no woman traveling alone will take the ground floor.

Either I am clueless; or, I just don’t have fear on my mind. I am neither violent nor particularly physically strong. I just “decided” a long time ago not to live in fear.

Last week I was talking with a friend at lunch at a McDonalds. He nodded over to a guy sitting down to lunch with (I presume) his wife and young daughter. He neither was in uniform or looked like a policeman. He had a large handgun in a holster on his belt. I said, “I bet he feels secure, sort of, but I’d prefer not to get caught between two people living in fear and armed.”

There is so much fear drummed into our heads through incessant media coverage of all manner of things, when the reality is that things almost never happen–especially where I live. Most of the violence we read about is drug-related. If we stay out of that culture….

Scanning the magazine rack at the local Kroger in Sidney, I counted 21 gun magazines. I used to know of about 2. Even six months ago there were not so many. (I’m in the magazine business. I stop and check out titles and covers periodically.)

Matthew and Luke both tell of the time Jesus said, “Don’t fear those who can kill the body but not the soul. Instead fear him who can cast your soul into hell.”

My trust is in The Lord.

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