We just went through the advent season of anticipation. I wonder if it was as intense as the anticipation of the last few days in the American Midwest.

I quit watching The Weather Channel at least a year ago. Way too much over-the-top hype. I quit watching network TV news (and weather) 25 years ago. Still, I knew there was a “winter storm” coming toward western Ohio for several days. It was supposed to hit Sunday.

Saturday I wasted a little time on Facebook. Saw the people posting from grocery stores about how the shelves were bare in certain areas of staple items. People talked about the coming storm with worry and even fear for several days.

It was two things–several inches of snow followed by cold weather. Really not an unusual occurrence in our area in the winter. It’s actually beautiful on the days following snow. The sky is blue, the air is clear, sunlight reflected from the snow and ice on trees is enchanting. Oh, the temperature may be single digits F and sometimes below, but we have modern furnaces and clothes to counter it.

In my area, the storm sort of fizzled out. We were about 40 miles to the east of the line dividing rain from snow. In the end we got a couple of inches. Oh, it’s -9F as I write this, up from -11F when I went to bed. The heavy wool sweater I bought in Norway is a help.

Still I ponder, we get so worked up and agitated with the hype of weather systems (OK, when a tornado is coming, even I get worried). I don’t sense the same level of awareness during the season of anticipating Jesus’ birth. We get snow every year. We get Christmas every year.

What do we need to do individually to recapture the anticipation of Jesus’ arrival. Maybe too many presents and parties, not enough reflection and worship and celebration?

(Personal note: I hope Jon made it home yesterday OK. The roads through Chicago were still treacherous, and I bet US30 through Indiana was slick. And I hope all my Midwest readers had the common sense to not venture too far into the cold and ice. Stay warm today.)

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