Pray With Intention

Eoin commented yesterday about faith being a gift. A valuable comment, thanks Eoin. James (in the letter bearing his name) talks about all the good and perfect gifts that come from God.

Prayer is another of those gifts. James also talks about when you pray, to pray with certainty. Pray with intention. Don’t pray with leaving God an “out” and revealing your ambivalence. James calls that “double-minded”.

I totally changed my life last year–and it was all through prayer. I look back and contemplated how suddenly busy I became the last half of the year. It came through praying with intention. Praying for a ministry. Praying for people to come into my life. Praying for some new creativity.

And it all came to pass.

And this year, there are new prayers. Prayer for the focus and energy to accomplish the tasks set out before me. Prayer to have an impact.

Are you all praying for something for this year? It’s not like a New Year’s Resolution that is stated and then forgotten. When you pray with intention, something will happen. It may surprise you–God always seems to come from a different place than we expect.

But trust me; no, trust James; actually no, trust Jesus. They also both said to pray directly and with intention that God the Father will do for His children what is right.

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