We Are Not Entitled

My wife came home from a volunteer service talking about a conversation she had with a woman from the area. Someone who knows my family, I guess.

The woman was complaining about everything. Just from one thing to another. She talked about how her daughter had limited career choices because of policies coming from Washington. “There is no financial reason to become a doctor because of Obamacare.” How not everyone who wants to cannot attend college. “We’ll be just like Europe where they have to take a test to get into college.”

And there was more. So my wife came home with questions.

People have been complaining about lack of financial incentives to become a medical doctor for at least 20 years. First it was liability insurance, then payments from insurance companies. Frankly, if anyone tells you they know everything about Obamacare, they are lying. I don’t think a single person is in existence that can understand complex legislation that makes it through our Congress. Especially a Congress person. Especially someone who gets their information from a neighbor or TV news.

I put all her comments together and thought two things. One, she would be one of those people who says, “I’m entitled to my opinion.” Second, she is among the many in America who believe they are entitled to happiness and anything their heart desires. Heck, there are even people who think they are entitled to opinions on Scripture without ever having studied it. Do you know people who cite Bible verses that aren’t even in the Bible? Happens all the time.

Sorry to break this news, but we’re not entitled to our opinions—unless they are based on facts and deliberate reasoning. And faith. In fact, we’re not entitled to anything.

Paul, writing in Romans, begins by telling us that we are all sinners and not entitled to anything except going straight to Hell. Then he reasons from the facts of his Scriptures and Jesus’ life and teachings. And he concludes there is no hope except for God’s grace.

With God’s grace, we have the freedom to live a good life. We have the freedom to become a disciple of Jesus, living in service to others leading them to discipleship in their turn.

Take TV news. Last night at my birthday dinner at Subway after our Yoga class, my wife points to the TV displaying a suicide and attack on his father and asks, do we really need to know that?

Exactly. We fill our minds with useless junk and then want to spout meaningless opinions on topics of which we have no knowledge.

We are not entitled. We are expected to partake of God’s grace, study His words, become disciples and guide others toward becoming disciples. I don’t think you’d like it if you got what you deserved.

Be careful with negative talk that will turn people off and ruin the opportunity to teach them about a life of freedom in Jesus.

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