Carrying Preconceived Ideas Into Analysis

I’ve become a fan of the new Sherlock Holmes movies and TV series that have appeared over the past few years.

Holmes gathered facts and used deductive reasoning to come to brilliant conclusions.

It doesn’t matter if I’m studying Scripture or anything else, or if I’m studying my body’s response to stimuli. I like facts. Google’s founders are driven to manage through data, not guesswork.

I’m recently into a discussion with a doctor as to whether a situation is environmental/behavioral or structural. He prefers the latter and thoroughly discounts the former. But he can treat the latter. You know, like the old proverb if the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems look like nails.

I, on the other hand, being closer to the situation, tend to look at all the food I eat and other behavioral or environmental stresses or inputs and then evaluate their effect on the body.

To get practical for a minute–watch what you eat. There is a play on words in German (playing on “ist” for “is” and “isst” for “eats”) that translated into English goes, “Man is what he eats.”

If you want to be alert and ready to think during your study, prayer, meditation or celebration, watch eating/drinking sugar and caffeine, for example. Some foods just seem to weigh you down. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are good.

I also have found through observation and deduction which foods affect me in which different ways. It may be a little different for you. But what annoys me is when I make poor choices. I know better than reach for the Pepsi, but I do anyway.

And that all goes directly toward one of the core themes I think about. Patterns of choices. And how we make bad ones even knowing the good ones.


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