How Shall You Live, In Fear or In Peace

I’ve been a little under the weather this week, with the net result a night in the hospital for some observations. Going well, but this all gave me some time to ponder some current events in the US.

A man in our small group Tuesday responded to a question about how shall we live with, “In peace.”

That comment was a perfect complement to my thinking about the Zimmerman case specifically and a more general problem in this country. For my many international readers (you may know this better than I, in fact) the Zimmerman case which was just concluded involved a private citizen on a neighborhood watch patrol who brought a weapon along for company. He saw a hooded figure and shot said hooded figure, who later died. I think those are the basic facts.

I cannot comment on motives, whether race was a factor, what the confrontation really was, who started it, and all the rest. I don’t read those news stories–which are pretty much all speculative anyway.

I can imagine fear playing the main supporting role in the drama, though. I have talked to many people (and seen the Facebook posts, among other things) who have weapons for “protection.” And I talk with and observe many more.

The common theme is fear. There are varying degrees, but that is the core.

I understand fear–at least on some levels. Have you ever felt as if you are being attacked or threatened? Not only physically, but maybe your job or your position or something? It has been years for me, but I remember. And I remember that I responded with anger. And the anger escalated.  I’ve observed it on the soccer pitch, as well.

We can Jesus is the antidote. But that is too easy. What is it about Jesus that brings the antidote. It is “the peace that passeth all understanding.” You can live with-God daily in peace–or you can live a shriveled life in fear. What’s your choice?

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