It Is Time to Focus

Usually I meditate in the morning and then pull the laptop over to write a post. Somewhere from my reading or recent experiences I come up with an idea. Then I expand on it. I don’t try for a polished essay.

Today, I have no focus. My mind is trying to digest many things. Do you ever have days like that?

To regain focus, I’ll get back to my to-do list and work on one thing at a time.

But now, I am thinking of a number of spiritual/leadership problems. About a podcast interview coming up in three hours. About five columns I must write–all with different topics. All today. About new business planning.

I’m thinking about team building. About how often we tend to just want to work alone. It’s not always easy to build a team and let the team members do their work without our trying to manage their every move (also known as “micromanaging,” one of the big sins of team building).

People usually want to help. How do we provide a way for them to help? To find their passion? To turn them on to what the Spirit is leading them to do?

How do we keep organizations and groups from splintering with each member going off on their own direction?

Maybe it is how to lead the leaders!

This is what happens when you return home after yet another week traveling. Trying to settle back into the home routine. Maybe after going out and running a few miles, I’ll be settled in.

By the way, you don’t have to sit in Lotus position or lie on the floor in corpse pose to meditate. Running or walking are also excellent places to mediate. I’m heading out to the park to meditate. See you tomorrow much refreshed.

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