Before Your ToDo List, Decide Who You Want To Be

Welcome to Monday morning. Who do you want to be this week?

Probably a heavy question to start the week. But before you fill your schedule with appointments, before you prioritize your to-do list, before you pick up the paper–decide who you want to be.

The person you want to be will determine which appointments you want to keep. It will prioritize which tasks you need to tackle. Which books to read. Which emails to respond to. What Web sites to browse.

I often look at people and see a kind of “lostness” in their eyes. People who are going nowhere with their lives. I don’t want to be one of them. Neither did Jesus.

It’s your choice. That’s the power of being human. We have that power. So, use it.

Jesus wanted us to be disciples. So, I claim discipleship. What does that mean to things I will do and the appointments I keep this week?

Steve Jobs said something once about the power of yes. Say yes to what is important, then it’s easier to say no to all the other requests for your time. Focus on the important–not necessarily the urgent.

Here’s to a good week!

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