Live With Intention

“Mommy, I didn’t intend to do that.”

“Ref, I didn’t intend to wipe out the other player, I was just going for the ball.”

We learn about intention at an early age. But we seem to use it more for an excuse rather than a way of life.

My reading last week must have emphasized intention a half-dozen times. Live with intention, they all said.

When you get up, begin the day be praying with intention. I meant to pray. I meant to pray for God to bring people into my life. I prayed with intention for the Holy Spirit to enter someone’s life. My life.

I look at my calendar and to-do lists early in the morning so that I can fix in my mind what I need to do. Then I decide if I intend to do all of them.

I choose books and magazines to read intentionally.

Some days we just seem to go through the motions with no intent. That’s when it’s time to focus on what sort of person we are becoming. Then, upon finding our focus, we can begin to live with intention again.

Right now? I intend to go out to the park and run for a while. Then I’ll participate in a conference call/press conference with the president of Honeywell Process Solutions. Then, I’ll think and write some more.

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