What Does Love Require of Me

Jesus called people to follow him. He attracted people to follow him. He called them disciples. He said there would be a way that people outside the mission would know the people inside the mission. They would be known because of the way they loved one another.

They wouldn’t be known because they had more status than others. Or because they had more political or organizational power. But because of the way they treated others.

The way they treated others was revolutionary. When they met together, they left titles, social status, wealth status at the door. They greeted one another as brothers and sisters. This was so powerful that they attracted thousands into the mission. In fewer than 300 years, they toppled the empire thought to be invincible. The empire that was thought to last forever.

Stop and ask

To translate that to today, it’s a powerful question to ask of yourself in any situation that you face.

What does love require of me?

Many years ago I was taught that a great question for a leader to ask his followers (business, non-profit, church, whatever) is, “How can I help you?” That is one of the manifestations of the “what does love require of me” question.

Some philosophers have studied that pause before action. The ability to stop before speaking. To pause before acting. And to ask, what does love require of me. How can I help? How can I meet the need of the person I’m interacting with? What should I say? Should I just listen?

What does love require of you just now?

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